Bali Wedding Package from Malaysia


Want to plan your dream wedding in Bali? Worry about your budget? Come & book an appointment to consult with us now.

Service 1: Wedding planning & budgeting

We prepare the best Wedding Plan service in Bali. We can discuss the theme you have been dreaming of. Be the first to experience Bali Wedding! We can discuss your budget & still have the wedding of your dream.

We understand the main concern of your wedding dream is your budget. Worry not, we can discuss the themes & decorations that you dream of, because we have the ideas we can share together to make it happen. Moreover, we will discuss our guest list first before we continue with other things. Other than that, the flow of your wedding that you want to be. Your attire we can arrange either you want to rent from us or buy that fits your themes. Your looks will perfectly help by our stylist in Bali. The ring of your choice also we include in our package. We have 5 different places that you can choose & wedding date.

Service 2: Photography session

We provide pre-wedding, party & even your HONEYMOON photo shoot, so that you can always remember your best moments.

Photographer & videographer will be included from pre-wedding, your wedding day and your honeymoon. We will provide professionals to take and edit your photo & videos. It is very important for us record the best moment of your life & never forget moments in Bali. Every photo shoot venue will be discuss beforehand. So don’t worry. We will make the best photo & videos out of it.

Service 3: Accommodation & Transportation Service

We have full package for your hotel & even transportation from Malaysia. Your comfort is also our priority.

We can help you with cheapest flight return ticket KL to Bali & Bali to KL. You can also decide on your own flight tickets. Your hotel will be book in the nearest area to your wedding venue. Your hotel with be Muslim family friendly & comfortable with all different people. Other than that, we provide your own car or motorcycle during your stay. Lastly, your wedding day transportation will be fully supportĀ  by us to avoid unwanted scenario.

Service 4: Catering & Food Service

We understand your concern with foods and wedding catering. If you are a Muslim & concern for Halal foods, we can help you with food serving by our own chef.

Wedding catering, wedding cake & food service will be provide from our own chef. We provide Halal foods, vegetarian food, vegan food & delicious food that fits your taste. The food budget will be depending on the number of your guest list.

Service 5: Pre-Wedding Party

We can throw the best party ever! Have fun with family & friends for the best moments before your wedding reception.

Pre-wedding party is optional. We can throw a party according to your theme before wedding day. This party purpose is to lossen-up both bride & groom nervousness. We want our bride & groom to have the best moment of their life. This party can be private or public party.

Service 6: Honeymoon & Things To Do in Bali

We know our couples want to spend quality moment with each other. Travel with friends & family before heading back to Malaysia is one of our best benefit during your stay in Bali. Travel & explore wonderful view of Bali.

We have 6 different places that the best honeymoon spots. You can travel & explore the wonders of Bali beaches, private island, waterfall & even mountain. There are so many activities you can do in Bali. We have snorkeling, scuba diving, waterfall diving, cliff diving, beaches viewing, swimming with the GT fish, manta ray & dolphins viewing. Your honeymoon will the at the best honeymoon spot in Bali.

Extra Service:

Wonder if you have the budget for your dream wedding in Bali? We provide you a free service of consultation in budgeting & wedding planning. Other than that, we also provide different honeymoon package according your budget & best things for you and your love one to do in Bali.

DMW will prepare the best budgeting plan for you to choose with your love ones. We would love to manage two people that in love with each other & help them to marry their soulmate. Trust your love ones & believe in us.

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